Small business growth in Ames continues with Time to Roll opening in stages

Although the vicious claws of the Coronavirus pandemic have sadly forced some locals in Story County to close their small business either temporarily or permanently, economic growth across the region over recent months has been impressive, given the current landscape.

The latest example lies, yet again, within the confines of North Grand Mall, a still highly active premise for economic development.

According to Store Owner and General Manager Payton Roberts, Time to Roll, a Tex-Mex restaurant now open inside the mall, is progressively looking to bring a different experience to families in the area, with widely known Sweet Swirls Rolled Ice Cream a crucial part of the store’s objective.

“Time to Roll is a new concept,” he explained. “We are trying to pair two things. We have the hand-rolled ice cream, and it’s paired with the burrito crunch rolls, which is going to be our specialty.”

In addition to rolled ice cream, Roberts and his team are currently prepping to steadily add to Time to Roll’s food and drink selection. “We are going to have an expanded Tex-Mex menu, with soft tacos and soft burritos as well,” Roberts relayed. “We will eventually have margaritas, beer, chips, salsa, and queso for sure.”

Roberts believes in the benefits of an all-encompassing experience for his customers, which he believes will allow the restaurant to thrive during difficult times. “We are basically your ‘one-stop shop,’ where we have your lunch, dinner, and dessert,” he explained. “It’s a place for your entire family. Anyone can find something that they will enjoy.

“Where we’re located…I think it’s going to be perfect for people who want to have a night out. There is stuff to do, with the movie theater right next to us, the shopping center, and Inside Golf, too. You can spend the entire afternoon or day here.”

Time to Roll, which is now open seven days a week from 11:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m., will phase in new menu options in the coming weeks, according to Roberts. “We are going to be opening in stages,” he said. “At first, we will have our deep-fried burrito crunch rolls. From there, we will expand into having all of the soft tacos and soft burritos.”

As we all continue to trudge through early 2021, Roberts remains hopeful that people in the area will keep prioritizing the support of small businesses, especially one as distinct as Time to Roll. “It’s in-and-out,” he assured. “We’re basically just trying to bring a new concept to Ames, something new, exciting, and different, in addition to being quick and Covid-friendly.”

Time to Roll is located inside North Grand Mall at 2801 Grand Avenue, Suite 1290 in Ames. The store can be reached on Facebook or by calling 515-686-7377.

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