BREAKING NEWS: Man arrested for murder after Ames toddler’s death; mother also charged

After months of investigating what the Ames Police Department believed to be a “suspicious” death of a 2-year-old boy, two individuals have been arrested and criminally charged.

According to Ames Police Commander Jason Tuttle, 25-year-old Trevin D. Nicholson of Centennial, Colorado has been charged with First-Degree Murder, a class “A” felony, in connection with the death. In addition, 26-year-old Danielle M. Obrecht of Ames, who is the mother of the deceased child, has been arrested and charged with Child Endangerment Causing Death, a class “B” felony.

Trevin Nicholson, 25, and Danielle Obrecht, 26, were arrested this week nearly six months after Obrecht’s child was allegedly killed. (Photos: Douglas County (CO) Jail, Story County Jail)

Back on April 24, authorities were called to a residence in the 1200 block of Florida Avenue in west Ames on a medical call involving a toddler. Tuttle acknowledged that it took very little time for first responders to realize that the details the adults were reporting were inconsistent with the initial evidence. “It was pretty clear when the officers and medical crews responded there that day,” Tuttle stated. “The caretaker, Trevin Nicholson, who is the boyfriend of the [toddler’s] mom…How he explained the injuries did not add up with what [officers] were seeing and observing on the child at the time. So, right away, we were very suspicious of [Nicholson’s] explanation of the injuries.”

Tuttle described the boy’s injuries as “severe bruising and swelling to his head.” Due to the extent of the injuries, medical personnel called for an air ambulance. The child was transported to a Des Moines hospital, where he died just one day later.

Investigators have been working on the case ever since, while also waiting for the results of an autopsy. “There was a long delay because of the extensive testing that had to be done as part of the autopsy,” Tuttle explained. “Because of the type of injury that the child had and the child’s age, there was additional testing that had to take place. That took quite some time to get the results back.”

In addition to the autopsy, police gathered information from Nicholson and Obrecht, who both claimed that the toddler’s injuries stemmed from an accidental fall. “They told us that the child had suffered injuries to the head on April 17, when he fell from a booster seat at the kitchen table,” Tuttle relayed. “[They said] they had been noticing behaviors with the child throughout that week and that the child had been very sick that week because of the injuries. They didn’t seek any medical treatment for the child.”

Police believe that a second injury occurred to the child shortly before the 911 call was made. “As we got into the investigation, we discovered that likely the child was injured a week prior,” Tuttle said. “Then, likely another injury happened that day or the day before that contributed to the child’s death. That was confirmed by autopsy results, as well.”

After nearly six months of investigating, Ames PD gathered enough information to charge both Nicholson and Obrecht. “We have evidence that definitely points to deliberate, willful acts that occurred on the child that caused the death,” Tuttle confirmed.

According to a press release, Nicholson was arrested in Douglas County, Colorado on Tuesday. He is currently being held at the Douglas County Jail in Castle Rock, Colorado. Tuttle noted that Nicholson is awaiting to be transported back to Iowa, pending an extradition hearing.

Obrecht was reportedly arrested Thursday morning in Ames. She was transported to the Story County Jail in Nevada. No initial court date for Obrecht is known at this time.

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