Fourteen Ames businesses caught selling alcohol to someone underage

Over the course of three days in late March, the Ames Police Department conducted and completed alcohol compliance checks for a select number of local licensed vendors.

The results were a bit shocking. Out of 48 establishments checked, 14 of them failed to comply to legal standards as it relates to the minimum age requirement for purchasing alcohol.

Ames Police Commander Jason Tuttle agreed that the final tally is “a very high number.” The following is a list of all employees, with their respective employers listed, who have been cited in such checks:

  • Abbie Streeter, age 19, at 1 Night Stand, 124 Welch Ave.
  • Gracie Rechkemmer, age 21, at Macubana, 116 Welch Ave.
  • Steve Nyepon, age 24, at AJ’s Ultra Lounge, 2401 Chamberlain St.
  • Gage Fuller, age 20, at Es Tas, 216 Stanton Ave.
  • Jordan Elfar, age 23, at Outlaws, 2522 Chamberlain St.
  • Madison Neal, age 21, at Mother’s Pub, 2900 West St.
  • Destiny Bordnell, age 22, at West Towne Pub, 4518 Mortensen Rd., Ste. #101
  • Jordan Arp, age 23, at Dangerous Curves, 111 5th St.
  • Westley Long, age 25, at The Angry Irishman, 119 Main St.
  • Rachel Meyer, age 32, at Sportsman’s Lounge, 123 Main St.
  • Timothy Goforth, Jr., age 25, at Kum and Go, 2108 Isaac Newton Dr.
  • Maximus Baker, age 18, at Neighborhood Liquor, 3505 Lincoln Way, Ste. #105
  • Eoin Keran, age 19, at JW Liquor, 4518 Mortensen Rd., Ste. #109
  • Evan Taylor, age 30, at Kwik Shop, 125 6th St.

Ames PD used its Safe Neighborhoods Team to carry out the compliance checks. The city of Ames, on its official website, states that the team’s purpose is to “build positive relationships with our community and neighborhoods,” as well as “focus on problem solving and quality of life issues in high call volume areas.”

In addition, a press release indicated that the Iowa Alcoholic Beverages Division assisted the project by means of collaboration and grant monies. Iowa law does not dictate how often local authorities complete alcohol compliance checks. However, this first round of checks came about as a result of the Iowa ABD’s grant requirements.

According to Tuttle, each employee that sold alcohol to someone under the age of 21 has been fined a total of $796.75 (after surcharge and court costs). Ames PD’s Safe Neighborhoods Team will continue to check establishments over the course of the following few months.

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