Kelley man facing felony charge after armed standoff with deputies

A man is facing criminal charges after becoming involved in a lengthy armed standoff with sheriff’s deputies over the weekend.

According to Captain Nicholas Lennie, the Story County Sherriff’s Office was initially dispatched to a home in Kelley after an individual voiced concerns over a neighbor’s threatening behavior. “On Saturday evening, at about 8:21 p.m., we received a call from a resident who was concerned about their neighbor,” Lennie stated. “He was outside yelling some inflammatory words, saying that he wanted to kill cops. He was just acting erratic.”

After arriving on-scene, suspects were able to identify the male suspect as 36-year-old Bruce Alan Mann. The seriousness of the issue became heightened after Mann was observed holding a firearm in front of his home. “Deputies showed up in the area and witnessed [Mann] outside, highly agitated, with a gun in his hands,” Lennie continued. “At that time, there were other family members in the house, as well.”

Lennie confirmed that the male suspect also allegedly threatened to hurt himself during the encounter.

At some point during the incident, Mann retreated back into his home. What followed was an over four-hour standoff with deputies, who also received assistance from a “special teams” unit, as well as from the Iowa State Patrol and Boone County Sherriff’s Office. Throughout the evening, authorities kept a portion of Giddings Street, also known as 280th Street, blocked off near the home where the standoff occurred.

“Throughout the incident, there was an effort to convince the other family members to exit the residence on their own,” Lennie said. “At 12:40 a.m., about four hours and 20 minutes later, [Mann] did come out of the house, and we took him into custody.”

Bruce A. Mann, 36, was arrested early Sunday morning after a standoff with deputies. (Photo: Story County Jail)

There were no injuries reported from the incident.

The arrest comes less than three years after Mann plead guilty to an Assault on Persons in Certain Occupations charge, as well as to a charge of Possession of a Control Substance, in 2018. Records indicate a charge of Interference with Official Acts was dropped by the courts the same year. Mann’s 2018 arrest, subsequent charges, and eventual prison time stemmed from an incident where he allegedly assaulted a woman in Kelley before becoming involved in a physical altercation with responding deputies.

This time around, Mann is facing the following charges in connection with Saturday’s incident:

  • Interference with Official Acts – Dangerous Weapon, a class “D” felony
  • Assault While Displaying a Dangerous Weapon, an aggravated misdemeanor

Mann is currently being held at the Story County Jail on a $10,000 bond. According to court records, he is set for an initial appearance before a judge on Wednesday, June 23 at 1:00 p.m.

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