Learn about Story City’s Will Feldman, SLC6A1 disorder (VIDEO)

The story of young Will Feldman and his fight against a rare genetic disorder has been one of inspirational determination for many across Story County. The disease, currently identified by its affected gene, SLC6A1, is being researched, but more funds and outreach are needed to help the process along.

Just last month, Will’s father Nate sat down with StoryCounty.News to talk about his family’s story, as well as to put a plug in for donating towards a noble cause.

For more information on the Feldman family, SLC6A1, and how to make a contribution towards research, visit www.aWayforWill.org.

Included in the interview:

– The story of young Will Feldman and his family (0:25)

– Current status of SLC6A1 disease research (2:18)

– Challenge within SLC6A1 community during Covid-19 pandemic (3:38)

– How “Iowa nice” has helped the Feldmans feel supported (5:25)

– Ways to donate towards medical research (6:48)

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