Big Ten starts hot during postseason | Citrus Bowl preview | Week 186 – Brada’s Branded Thoughts

A special live version of the podcast this week features the Voice of College Football, Mark Rogers, and Cory Brada as they discuss the Big Ten’s hot start to bowl season.

Plus, a final preview of Saturday’s Citrus Bowl featuring Iowa and Kentucky!

REMEMBER: We will be hosting LIVE postgame shows after every Iowa Football and Basketball game this season! Former assistant Don Patterson will join us throughout the season over on Mark Rogers’ new Iowa Football YouTube channel. Former Iowa Assistant Basketball Coach Gary Close will join us on our From the Hawkeye of the Storm YouTube channel.

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Big Ten starts hot during postseason | Citrus Bowl preview | Week 186 - Brada's Branded Thoughts
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One Comment

  1. Norman McKay said:

    Cory, love your podcasts, especially with Coach Don. Citrus Bowl another punch in the gut, but it has never been easy being a Hawkeye fan (but it’s Great to be a Hawkeye!!). Agree with your assessment that there is no offensive-minded knack generally in the Ferentz era. Results tell the tale – often keeping a good season from being great.

    I went to Iowa in the late 70’s pre-Hayden. The team was so bad the Daily Iowan referred to the football team as the “Sparrows”. But Coach Fry brought fun and passion and toughness and “smarts” to the team along with teaching the game to his phenomenal coaching staff. So, I think of Coach Fry these days as we suffer as Hawk fanes with our “line” coaches on offense.

    Especially with Iowa’s All-American center this year, I think our big fullback should have been in the formation on almost ALL plays – especially on short yardage. And, like Hayden’s scheme — on most EVERY play — a speedy tailback to get to the edge, a big TE, a “possession” receiver plus a speedy wideout. The “creativity” to me seemed to be in a lot of mis-direction involved and variety of play calls possible with this group of weapons at the ready as each play is called. It seems like our current coaches are just making something simple too darn hard. Hayden’s offensive set looked the same on most plays, and but given all the options available my sense was that the other team had to guess right and paid a price for overplaying their hand.

    With a 4th and one and the above players on the field, the defense would HAVE to protect the middle — and open themselves up to all kinds of fakes and mis-direction. It PAINED me to see Iowa not convert numerous short yardage situations in 2021. Iowa needed to stick to either “quick handoffs” to the fullback behind the center or go for mis-direction fakes on a lot of these — not deep handoffs where the lone running back gets the ball 4 yards behind the line on 4th and one.

    Keep up the good work on the podcasts, keep the faith, and happy 2022! Go Hawks!

    January 2, 2022

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