JUST IN: ‘Large fight’ breaks out inside Ames Middle School cafeteria

Police are investigating a fight that reportedly broke out inside Ames Middle School’s cafeteria, officials say.

According to Ames Police Sergeant Amber Christian, authorities were notified of the melee at approximately 8:46 a.m. Monday via a 911 call. The report, which came from the school, stated that “juveniles were fighting with each other and adults on scene”, according to Christian.

Officers arrived at the school, located at 3915 Mortensen Road, and reportedly separated the involved parties. One student, who is said to have been acting violently when police intervened, was subsequently restrained, according to Christian. She added that “juvenile referrals for disorderly conduct and interference with official acts have been issued.”

The Ames Police Department continues to investigate the incident, with additional charges expected.

Anyone with information regarding the fight is asked to call Ames PD at 515-239-5133 or anonymously at 515-239-5533.

(Photo: Ames Community School District)


  1. T said:

    The problem is the school they don’t take anything serious….. bullying is what ames district is known for anytime I tell my friends where my kids go to school their exact saying is that school is rough— some of these ppl are from Des Moines and they are saying this about Ames.. I have made complaints etc and was laughed at….. they will figure it out sooner then later some of us parents care about our kids while some don’t and do not care

    February 26, 2024
  2. N said:

    School board and staff does nothing. Have reached out multiple times with no response back

    February 28, 2024

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